Access-Life “Happy Thanksgiving”: November 22, 2021 – Humility

Hey there Access-Life, Inc. family and friends,

Leanne Goddard, Kendahl Hancock and I [Doug] wanted to take a moment to send you a message of greeting and a prayer that each of you are blessed with the happiest Thanksgiving this year! We hope that each and every one of us becomes more aware of God’s light, love, holiness, goodness and presence surrounding, covering and enfolding us in the cusp of His hand of tender mercy and grace. In the sincere remembrance of these truths and God’s promises, may we all be blessed with the humility that truly draws us closer to God and his heart.

Once we come to this quiet place of gratitude, then may we be transformed into a reflection of Jesus’ pure light and true love that will change the world: more people saved by Jesus’ sacrifice, more people choosing Jesus over the world, more of heaven on earth and yes, real revival!

So enjoy the great gifts of God this Thanksgiving, let you speech be seasoned with salt and shine in a way that God’s kingdom will expand increasing the joyful blessings we each experience, giving cause for us to lift up even more thanksgiving to God. :)

Finally, the art I painted and the verse included are representations of my hope for Thanksgiving this year. I hope they encourage you all as they do me. HAPPY #THANKSGIVING AND MAY #GODBLESS US ALL THROUGH HIS ABUNDANT MERCY AND GRACE!