2017 Ministry Schedule

logo-ale-2017With January just around the corner, we’ve set our ministry schedule for 2017 and excited to see the great things God will do this coming year. In turn, I’ve listed each event and date below for not only everyone’s information but also, for reference so folks can join us in lifting up these activities to the Lord for His gracious blessing and favor.


  • January 21 – Belize Expologo-apparel-ale-t-shirt-back-2017
  • February 18 – West Palm Beach Expo
  • March 18 – Central Florida Big Wheel Deal
  • April 22 – Jacksonville Expo
  • April 28 – East Tennessee Crafting a Community
  • June 17 – North Texas Expo
  • August 19 – East Tennessee Expo
  • September 15 – Jacksonville Big Wheel Deal
  • November 11 – Central Florida Expo

Thank you for praying and if interested in joining us at any of these venues be sure to go to www.access-life.org for more information and to register. We even have pictures from past events there. :)

CFL Expo Canceled

logo-ale-cfl-2016We’ll it was sad to have to cancel our 1st Expo ever today in CFL but everyone has been very supportive and understanding of the weather circumstances.

With the weather forecasts getting so bad, Leanne and I actually drove up to TN on Thursday as being without power, AC, etc. is not good for me. Hopefully, we’ll be heading back to FL in the next few days assuming the storm does not track back around again.

As we all seek to regroup in so many ways from the impacts of hurricane Matthew, I hope the following verse encourages you as it has me:

Now glory be to God Who by His mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or dream of– infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts or hopes.”  Ephesians 3:20

Here is a copy of the announcement for more specifics.

After LOTS of prayer and seeking counsel from others, it is with a sad heart that we have decided due to weather and safety concerns regarding hurricane Matthew that we are canceling the outreach planned for this Saturday. Leanne and I are very much on the side of “with God all things are possible” but believe it is His best for the Expo and all involved to not do anything that might result in injury or undue hardship on others in this situation.

Although the weather for event day is still projected to be good, the day before when we set-up things is when the hurricane’s impact is to be at it’s highest for the Central Florida area. It would not only be unwise but unsafe to attempt to set-up anything in these forecasted conditions. Setting up at 2am to 8am on Saturday morning is also not an option due to the unavailability of the needed number of people to accomplish the task. Several support groups that help execute the Expo on Saturday are also not available due to weather related issues and we have received feedback from others that many participants as well as volunteers may be dealing with aftermath and clean up challenges Saturday which has further confirmed our decision that it is best to cancel this year’s event.

We have reached out to the City of Ocoee about rescheduling but the park is booked through Thanksgiving. In turn, regrouping to have the Expo one of following weekends is not an option. It takes six months of planning and preparation to execute each outreach together so putting the logistics pieces back together and reorganizing volunteers in such a short time even if we had a site would be a monumental task.

Finally, we will be sending out an eblast to everyone preregistered as well as our whole area contact list informing folks of the changes today and tomorrow so please help us communicate this folks you know who were planning to be involved. Feel free to email us with any questions and we’ll keep everyone in the loop on the process specifics.

Thank you to everyone for the prayers, feedback, concern and support. God is good. Please stay safe and dry, too!

2nd Big Wheel Deal in JAX

What a great game Friday night! The BLUE team won this year 34-20 but the MVP came from the GREEN team so things balanced out. The free throw contestants including a group from Hope Haven (after they were welcomed into the concert next door for an hour) really displayed both determination and heart in the half-time competition, too.

From the many volunteers who helped in so many areas and the Christ’s Church staff who gracious hosted us to the players from Brooks REHAB, Christ’s Church, Raiford Road Church, etc. and the many free throw contestants, God graciously blessed all of us who attended. We really missed not having any cheerleaders this year and could have used a few more fans in the stands but the ICAN-GAROO and CFA Cow mascots added some great sideline fun as did ICAN-Woman, Jenette.

Also, RPM Automotive, CFA and Moon Pie were awesome sponsors providing great prizes for folks as well as some nutritious water and delicious food and assuming all the pledges are honored we’ll have raised $2,349 which is almost double what was brought in last year. PTL, as this was the purpose of the event and will help us reach more folks living with disabilities in JAX with the love and Gospel of Jesus at the Expo in April!

Leanne and I so appreciate the support so many of you all have provided through your prayers, giving, networking and service and hope you know that you are being the hands and feet of Jesus helping Him touch and change lives as only He can.

Hope you enjoy the photo collage!


East TN Expo Update

Wow, what an amazing day God gave us Saturday in ETN! The forecast was for rain but while I heard stories of rain in areas around us, just wonderful cloud cover keeping the temperatures moderate at the park. God really showed up surrounding the event with His gracious hand.

He brought out 953 attendees, too which is 38 more than last year. We also, had lots of buddies to meet the needs and while teardown took a while with our small crew, God got us loaded up before the skies opened up and poured out the rain on the area.

From the trailer FULL of items for Belize to the many smiles on the faces of both participants and volunteers full God’s joy, it was a great God blessed day. Below is a photo collage so you can see things first hand a bit. #ETNEXPO


God’s love shines through a child’s eyes!

IMG_3945Although this year’s NTX Expo had some great God moments, my fondest memory isn’t from the outreach itself. In fact, it  was 3 days before when we were sharing with a local VBS missions group who was stuffing our goody bags.

About half way through the morning shifts of classes, a church member who I’d met the year before at the same church VBS approached me and told me about a young girl who she was caring for from overseas.

She said the girl was sent to the US by missionaries for the third time to have more surgeries to further correct her contracted limbs. I don’t remember the cause of her disability but she was born with both her arms and legs tightly contracted leaving her unable to use either. The woman told me the surgeries had helped but that the young girl still has many physical challenges including not being able to walk on her own.

The love and compassion she had for the little girl was very evident and it inspired me to see God’s care for “the least of these” through her actions. In turn, I was a bit surprised when she asked if she could bring the little girl to meet me. I thought, “Why me, I’m no doctor or surgeon”? I mean there is nothing I had to offer to help her physical challenges. I can’t even move my own legs or fingers.

Then the  woman explained that she thought if the young girl could meet me and see how God was using me for His Kingdom (yes, even me), she might be encouraged to know that God could use her, too.

Well, when she brought the little girl in the room, the love of Jesus in her eyes melted my heart. She was exuding the joy of the Lord and it ministered to me beyond what I could ever imaged her being blessed by meeting me. I was especially touched as I held out my hand to show her how my fingers did not work like her’s and she responded by reaching out and smiling.

You know, I may not see that little girl ever again this side of heaven but I know that God will use her in a mighty way on this earth. It may not be easy but with Jesus in her heart she will bless many folks much more that she did me that day.

25 Years of Love, Laughter and Living

Well, 25 years ago on June 8th, Leanne and I said “I do” and other than when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, it is the best decision I ever made. She has been a blessing and more importantly my best friend since day one. Even before we were married God used her to show me aspects of His love that I had never known and enrich my life with a forever friendship that was and still is beyond my highest hopes and beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Now before you go, ok enough with the sappy sweet stuff, please know that our lives are not perfect and while we strive everyday for excellence in Christ, perfection will only come with Jesus in heaven. However, just as with our relationship with Jesus the grounding anchor of our marriage is the truth of real love that is a commitment and promise to always be there and together.

So to commemorate this wonderful milestone, I wanted to share a short poem I wrote with some of my artwork to hopefully encourage everyone reading in your journey of life.

ARTWORK - DG 2014-5 (3) PEOM

Also, for those of you who missed our celebration at set-up of the NTX Expo, I hope you enjoy the picture they took of us with our big cake. :)



NTX Expo Update

Wow, what an awesome day God gave us Saturday!

Yes, at 100+ degrees, it was the hottest Expo we have ever had but from the youth who came from Clovis, NM and helped with set-up and tear-down and the large Gateway Church buddy group to the pontoon boats that showed-up and the first time rockwall appearance God provided all that was needed for us to not only survive but THRIVE in the atmosphere of His love and light. :)

Thanks to the pond stocking there were even lots of fish caught in the mid-day heat to go along with the many horserides, hayrides and kayaking trips and of course the faithful volunteers who hung in there till the end were a true blessing. To top it all off there were 2 people who prayed to receive Christ at the Gospel bracelet station making everyone’s efforts more than worthwhile!

We are still finalizing counts but our early estimates are that God blessed us with around 900 attendees on top of the 5×8 trailer full of items to take to Belize next year! Hope you enjoy the below photo collage and get a glimpse of all that was done Saturday in the sun and more importantly under the Son.



Showers of Blessings in JAX

I wanted to share what a great Expo God gave us in JAX on Saturday, April 16th. The weather reports were not promising but with the exception of a brief 5 minute shower, God kept us all dry and the blessings flowing.

In fact, 400 hamburgers and 200 hot dogs were served to the over 480 attendees this year and we received several items to be shipped to Belize including two REHAB power chairs!

Attached is a photo collage so you can see the smiles and joy God’s presence brought to our 7th outreach in JAX and 32nd Expo overall!