Final Summer Season Access-Life Online Bingo Night Ends with a BIRTHDAY BASH

Well, last night was our final #ALONLINEBINGONIGHT of the summer and boy did we go out with a BANG! It was a sports theme and we had t-shirts, jerseys, hats and even a HELMET. :)

However, what made this occasion so special was celebrating the BIRTHDAY of Access-Life, Inc.‘s first lady, Leanne Linville Goddard! From cake, candles and flowers to crowns, hats and singing the surprise festivities were a BLESSING to all in attendance in person and via ZOOM.

Special shout out to my secret helper Julia Codispoti who did all the behind the scenes work plus called all four BINGO GAMES. This was just BINGO SEASON ONE so be on the lookout for INFO on BINGO SEASON TWO this fall after we complete the #ETNEXPO2020 on 8/15 and #NTXEXPO2020 on 9/12. :)

Access-Life “3 in 3” – July 27, 2020: Historic Location on the Lake

Here is this week’s #AL3IN3 with Senior Intern, Julia Codispoti, #ETNEXPO2020 Intern, Morgan Coffey, me [Doug] and as always the Access-Life‘s First Lady, Leanne Goddard manning the audio visual items. :) It is at a milestone location, has an #intergenerationalministry joke, rock solid verse and special BIRTHDAY update. So check it out and have a God blessed week!

Access-Life “3 in 3” – July 20, 2020: Home Sweet Home

First ever #AL3IN3 to come to you straight from the VOLUNTEER STATE of TENNESSEE! In fact, we are at my parents house on the farm where I grew up. :) We are working on specifics for the #ETNEXPO2020 on 8/15 but have some great scenery, a joke that’ll make you think, a scripture on how much God loves us and even the Access-Life BUZZ! So check it out, be encouraged, hang in there and have a GOD BLESSED WEEK :)

Access-Life “3 in 3” – July 13, 2020: Exponentially Powerful

Happy Monday family and friends of all ages and abilities! It’s time for the Access-Life #3IN3 and boy do we have an episode full of laughs, inspiration and news for you this week. :) That’s right, with Ms Julia Codispoti in Tennessee and #ALROYALAMBASSADOR, Big Dave in Deland, Florida, it is just Leanne Linville Goddard, #ALMASCOTTLULU and me [Doug] left here in Umatilla, FL. However, we are a small but ambitious group of overachievers so get ready as the 3 of us give you 3 perky jokes, 3 Bible verses, and 3 ministry updates in just 3 minutes…..well, actually 5 minutes. :) It is still some fun, encouraging and informational stuff and we hope brightens your day. So check it out and share it with someone who may need a extra boost this week!

Access-Life “3 in 3” – June 29, 2020: Big Dave on Camera

Happy Monday, Access-Life family and friends! It’s time for our weekly #AL3IN3 and this week joining our guest hostess, Julia Codispoti is long time ministry #ALROYALAMBASSADOR, David Browne! They’ve got joke props, some great verses and a holiday ministry update so check it out and may God bless you all in a special way this week. 

First Ever Access-Life Online BINGO Night

In case you missed the FB/IG posts, our first #ALONLINEBINGONIGHT is in the books and was a blast! Lots of good fellowship, fun and prizes. :)

 Thanks to everyone who played and a special call out to our hostess, Julia Codispoti who did a great job organizing and calling.

Our next Access-Life BINGO GAMES will be on 6/19 AT 7pm EST so email if you want join in the festivities. I think we’ll be adding some new gift card prizes this time, too. :)

Access-Life “3 in 1 Ministry Minute” – June 1, 2020

Happy Monday and HELLO June! Here is our first ever “3 in 1 Ministry Minute” [#AL3IN1MINISTRYMINUTE]. :)

It actually turned out a bit longer than one minute. [Getting everything included in a minute is hard. LOL] However, we’ll work on shorting it up next time and hope it still makes you smile and maybe even laugh, inspired you to move forward in your week ahead and learn a little bit of what’s going on at Access-Life. :)

2020 Belize Outpost Update by Nanette Ryan

Access-Life is made up of volunteers with many different gifts and talents. Some may never go on a trip to Belize, but things that they create are a big part of the work that is done there.

Every year in Belize, we distribute hygiene kits to families in need. These bags have soap, shampoo, conditioner, and toothbrush/toothpaste that are collected by Central Baptist Church in Clovis, NM. Pat Moody and Anne Linville head up that effort among the church and community. Included in these kits are wash cloths, usually hand made with care. Several people spend time each year crocheting wash cloths and this brings them so much joy to give in this way. One volunteer is Ruth Stewart, from Dandridge, TN Her daughter, Wanda was a part of this year’s Access-Life team in Belize. Wanda shared that her mother loves to crochet and views making the wash cloths as her gift and contribution. She has a humble attitude about it, not really wanting to be in the spotlight, but just wanting to serve in her own way. Wanda said that her mother uses donated yarn, but also will buy the yarn that she uses. Access-Life and Hearts of Christ volunteer, Deb Struble, is another crocheter who shares her gifts and talents. Deb is also a great advocate of Access-Life, collecting numerous medical supplies and equipment from people in her community that gets shipped to Belize each year.

Another example of special items that are donated are the pillowcase dresses and boys’ shorts that are handmade by women at First Methodist Church in Jefferson City, TN. Linda Schumann heads up this effort and the dresses and shorts were given to children in Belize at our outreach event at Camp Se Konsa, as well as at the Expo in Roaring Creek.

The wash cloths, dresses and shorts are a good reminder to all of us that God uses all of the gifts and talents of the Body of Christ to fulfill His work in the world.

2019 East Tennessee Jingle and Mingle Update

The East Tennessee Outpost held their 5th annual Christmas Jingle and Mingle on Saturday, December 7, 2019 and from what I have heard and seen it was a blast! They had festive food, holiday crafts, Christmas carols and more. Most importantly they heard about Jesus, the reason for the season!

THANK YOU to Jefferson City Christian Church for hosting this great outreach to individuals and families with disabilities again and Beth Arsenault for pulling things together with the help of Barbie Dyer and many others. A special shout out goes to our good friends, the Sunshine Ambassadors who were there, too. :)