Seek Ye First…

So, at about 3:30 pm yesterday I had visions of writing a LIFE LINK BLOG post about bowling my second “clean” game [a game with all strikes and/or spares] or even a new high score with my dynamic bowler that attaches to my wheelchair [see video for it in action]. However, as you can see from the score sheet neither one materialized. So what’s the story?

Well, the real story is frame number 5 with the small number 7 circled. You see just before that frame, I had made 4 spares in a row. I was focused, feeling good and thinking this could be my second “clean” game or even my first 200 game.  However, as I’m about to line-up for the 5th frame throw, Leanne says there is a young man in a wheelchair who has been watching and wants to talk to me. “Right now?” were the first words out of my mouth [actually the word “REALLY?” was going through my mind]. I almost told Leanne to tell him to wait. Fortunately, I did not do that but instead I took a few minutes to talk with him about my bowler and the way it works. Unfortunately, I still had it in my mind that this had ruined my concentration and in turn let my bad attitude replace my focus on bowling. What happened? I threw a 4, 7, 10 split. Not only a split but one of the tougher ones to convert.

At this point, some of you may be saying “yeah, you never should have gotten out of your groove to talk to the kid”. Others may be saying “you did the right thing: people are first”.

So what happened next, made things real interesting as well as made me think.  I MADE THE SPLIT! One of the harder shots in bowling that I had never done before, I did. Wow, was I excited. I made the split and my streak stayed alive. :)

Now you are probably saying but you did not finish with a clean game or new high score so what’s the point. The point is this: at the moment I made the difficult split, [especially for someone using a dynamic bowler that cannot even get a ball speed above 7 mph], I felt like God was saying: “I got your back”.

You see when we do the right thing sometimes it may appear to cost us but this is actually never true in God’s economy of blessings. You see God promises when we seek Him and His Kingdom all we need will be added to us and that blessing follow obedience. Now I’m not trying to say this principle means we can all be 300 bowlers but I am saying some pretty cool things happen when you follow God.

No, I did not bowl my second “clean” game or break my personal best score but I did do something amazing that I never had done before all the while honoring God by valuing people before things.


Well, the big day is almost here. The day we celebrate the greatest gift ever given to any person and yet to all persons. The day when God sent His only son, Jesus fully human and yet fully divine. The day when God showed us how much He loves each person by giving His best. The ultimate gift that ultimately gives all of us who have strayed away from God’s path and even turned our backs on Him a second chance. The opportunity for what we each need the most: forgiveness, redemption, restoration and rebirth. Not only abundant life here on earth but eternal life with Him in heaven.

We at Access-Life hope that everyone reading these words not only knows this truth but has chosen to received this greatest of gifts ever given: Jesus. He is a true friend, a faithful provider, a fierce protector and the only Savior. We pray that as we all sing Away in a Manger, Come Let Us Adore Him and even Silent Night that we will be refreshed by the breath of the Holy Spirit, renewed in our sense of holiness by Jesus’ light and  encourage by God gracious love. A matchless love that came in the form of a baby given for you, for me and the whole world. May we not only experience this supreme joy in the coming days but all year long as we realize Emmanuel has come and is with us.


2019 East Tennessee Jingle and Mingle Update

The East Tennessee Outpost held their 5th annual Christmas Jingle and Mingle on Saturday, December 7, 2019 and from what I have heard and seen it was a blast! They had festive food, holiday crafts, Christmas carols and more. Most importantly they heard about Jesus, the reason for the season!

THANK YOU to Jefferson City Christian Church for hosting this great outreach to individuals and families with disabilities again and Beth Arsenault for pulling things together with the help of Barbie Dyer and many others. A special shout out goes to our good friends, the Sunshine Ambassadors who were there, too. :)






Thanksgiving is almost here! The time we set a side to thank God for the many ways He has blessed us. The time we remember that “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows” James 1:17. The time “we praise God from whom all blessings flow…”

But aren’t these blessings poured out on us everyday and not just one day of the year? So why do we only celebrate this great truth just once a year? I honestly don’t know. I do know I take God and His goodness for granted and am rarely in awe of how much He loves and cares for me. So while I’m sure I’ll still take these inspiring things for granted again in the future, TODAY I will try to purposefully have an attitude of gratitude that carriers over to the next day, and the next day and so on by finding something new each day for which to be thankful.

Here at Access-Life, Inc., Leanne and I are so thankful for each of you who have prayed, served and/or given to the ministry over the years. TEN YEARS IN FACT! This is a long time and while the journey may seem steep at times, we truly are thankful for Jesus who has saved us, strengthens us and helps us accomplish all He asks. It is is also so encouraging to have the help and support of all of you raising the ministry higher to go onward and upward – all in Jesus name.


Roaring River of Life

You know I love that Christian camp song ” I got a river of life flowing out of me”. It goes on to say “it makes the lame to walk and the blind to see. Opens captive’s doors and sets prisoners free. I got a river of life flowing out of me”! So what is this amazing miraculous river in our lives? It’s Jesus and all the joy, peace, life and other promises He brings to us. :)

This in itself is an eternal well spring  for each of us as Christians but what is even better is when the fun parts of the song start squirting “gush, gush, gush” as this river overflows to those around us spreading God love in a “wet water ride” fashion.

You know God’s blessings are gracious benefits to our lives and can bring joy in some very fun ways. So today and everyday let’s let God’s river roar through our lives spreading His joy to others with a smile on our face and bringing a smile to their’s, too :)

2019 ETN Expo Update – 10th Anniversary Celebration

What an amazing 10th anniversary Expo celebration God gave us on Saturday! From the wonderful sunshine, great lunch by Shady Grove Methodist church [I had a tomato sandwich and a hot dog :) ] and awesome activities like the zip line, rockwall, animals, fishing, kayaking, dunk tank and more to the nearly 1,000 attendees, over 600 folks who received boat rides and over 2,200 bottles of water given out thanks to the Macedonia Missionary Baptist church, it was a HUGE GOD BLESSED SUCCESS.

It took a lot of hard work by a lot of people to set-up, execute and tear-down everything on Friday and Saturday but we know it was worth it as the smiles of joy on so many faces was a great reward. We were truly inspired seeing the Body of Christ come together and not only serve the community of East Tennessee but minister specifically to the individuals and families living with disabilities within the larger area community. God’s unexplainable economy of blessing and being blessed was the product of all those who prayed, gave, shared and served and it made a BIG DIFFERENCE in the lives of many in need of being touched by God in a special way that day.

There were local 13 churches, 11 area organizations and 12 regional businesses that came together for the outreach on top of all the wonderful volunteers that served, sweated and smiled that day. From First Methodist Dandridge and Jefferson City providing logistical and leadership support, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office providing free traffic support, Grant’s Chapel hosting our meetings and managing registration and New Freedom Missionary Baptist church bringing out 48 volunteers to First Baptist Dandridge and Lighthouse church collecting snacks, the Rutledge Fire Department providing water for the dunk tank, the Sunshine Shine Ambassadors dance performance and Tennova manning the first aide booth, it took the whole community to make the outreach happen. AND we want to put in a special call out to those who helped with set-up and tear-down. God knows who you are and you do too so THANK YOU for the extra help.

We have upload some special photos to the ETN Expo page on our website at in case you’d like to see more smiles and things on social media are all tagged #ETNEXPO2019 and #accesslifeexpo so feel free to upload, download and share things there, too.