Are You Ready for Christmas?

artwork-dg-2011-12-2Christmas is just 10 days away. Are you ready? The season when love came from heaven and salvation was given in the form of a baby boy is about to come to a conclusion. Are you ready? The day when we celebrate God’s greatest gift to us all is almost here. Are you ready?

Are you ready to not only celebrate Jesus’ birth but to honor Him with your whole life all year long?

That is our hope and prayer: to see each of us so grateful for this most wonderous blessing that the joy and peace brought through Jesus into our lives will be an overflowing expression of His presence everyday until Christmas is here again.

Wouldn’t it be awesome for God to bring heaven to earth everyday of the year by the outpouring of His Holy Spirit through the lives of every Believer. A wholesome word spoken, a fitting smile given or a gracious prayer lifted up all in Jesus’ name.

Now that would not only make for a merry Christmas but a happy new year, too.  :)