2017 West Palm Beach Expo Update


WOW. What an amazing day God gave us Saturday! The weather was picture perfect, the work was hard but rewarding and the smiles of joy from God presences abounded. We also, hit a new high attenance number with a preliminary count of 1,278 folks!

The blessings did not stop there though as we had over 30 fish caught throughout the day. However, the biggest blessing was the one person we know who prayed to receive Jesus as Savior starting a celebration in heaven like it says in Luke chapter 15.

This was the 7th outreach in WPB and 36th Expo overall bringing the total number of Expo attendees since 2010 to 23,278. While sharing Jesus’ love and Gospel are still at the center of each event and boat rides, bank fishing, archery, horses and kayaking are mainstay activities, the additions of a 14 person canoe was especially popular this year as was the new hover ball archery station.

All in all, God did lots of miracles at the 2017 WPB Expo but then He does that at each event we do. Some are big and some are small but they all touch and transform lives in His wholesome and holy presence through the precious gift of Jesus.

Hope you all enjoy the collage and smiles!

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