NTX 2017 Expo Update

Well, our 38th Expo is in the books and as usual for Texas in June it was a hot one. The heat did not stop folks from attending though as we hit our 3rd Expo area attendance high in a row with an official count of 1,039 people at the outreach on Saturday!

God did many more amazing things that day as we served 400 hot dogs and 800 hamburgers, gave more boat rides than ever in NTX and facilitated horseback rides for countless first timers. We even had an adaptive obstacle challenge course onsite for the first time ever. Most importantly the Gospel of our Lord Jesus was shared in word and deed in such a variety of ways as God presence clearly covered and fill the Expo bringing smiles of joy that only come from Him!

Above is a photo collage of smiles from the event but below is a link to the NTX page on our website where you can see more photos from this year’s outreach as well as past NTX Expos. :)


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