Living in the Light of His Love

Reading this verse and thinking of God’s goodness and how this is what He truly wants from us: to climb up in His lap, rest in His arms, be carried thru each day by Him, safe to enjoy the good blessings He gives. Simple faith, simple life, simple joy. That’s walking with Jesus.

Isaiah 32:18 “My people will live in safety, quietly at home. They will be at rest.”

10/22 UPDATE

Great lyrics from this old hymn to echo the theme of this post. :)

How Strong And Sweet My Father’s Care

How strong and sweet my Father’s care,
That round about me, like the air,
Is with me always, everywhere!
He cares for me!

The thought great wonder with it brings,
My cares are all such little things,
But to the truth my glad heart clings,
He cares for me!

O keep me ever in Thy love,
Dear Father, watching from above,
And as through life my steps shall move,
O care for me.

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