2020 Belize Outpost Update by Nanette Ryan

Access-Life is made up of volunteers with many different gifts and talents. Some may never go on a trip to Belize, but things that they create are a big part of the work that is done there.

Every year in Belize, we distribute hygiene kits to families in need. These bags have soap, shampoo, conditioner, and toothbrush/toothpaste that are collected by Central Baptist Church in Clovis, NM. Pat Moody and Anne Linville head up that effort among the church and community. Included in these kits are wash cloths, usually hand made with care. Several people spend time each year crocheting wash cloths and this brings them so much joy to give in this way. One volunteer is Ruth Stewart, from Dandridge, TN Her daughter, Wanda was a part of this year’s Access-Life team in Belize. Wanda shared that her mother loves to crochet and views making the wash cloths as her gift and contribution. She has a humble attitude about it, not really wanting to be in the spotlight, but just wanting to serve in her own way. Wanda said that her mother uses donated yarn, but also will buy the yarn that she uses. Access-Life and Hearts of Christ volunteer, Deb Struble, is another crocheter who shares her gifts and talents. Deb is also a great advocate of Access-Life, collecting numerous medical supplies and equipment from people in her community that gets shipped to Belize each year.

Another example of special items that are donated are the pillowcase dresses and boys’ shorts that are handmade by women at First Methodist Church in Jefferson City, TN. Linda Schumann heads up this effort and the dresses and shorts were given to children in Belize at our outreach event at Camp Se Konsa, as well as at the Expo in Roaring Creek.

The wash cloths, dresses and shorts are a good reminder to all of us that God uses all of the gifts and talents of the Body of Christ to fulfill His work in the world.