Access-Life “3 in 3” – August 24, 2020: A Car Cattle Ranch?

Well, we are still on the road to see my FAVORITE mother-in-law, Anne Linville in Clovis, NM before rounding back to Grapevine, TX for the Access-Life, #NTXEXPO2020 on 9/12. However, that did not stop us from shooting this weeks #AL3IN3 today in Amarillo, TX. 🙂 We had hoped to find some oil pumps and cows to show you but found something better, a CAR CATTLE RANCH [It’s hard to see them stuck in the ground in the video but they are just under the barbed wire so I’ll post some close-up pictures, too.]! It’s pretty WINDY out here in West Texas so HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT and check it out. 🙂

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