Access-Life “Jingle and Mingle”: December 3, 2022 – A Birthday Party for Jesus!

So what is one of the best things to do during the Christmas season? Party! That’s right. I mean the whole reason we celebrate Christmas is because of the birth of Jesus. It’s Jesus’ birthday. And what do you do on birthdays? Throw parties. :)

That’s what we do at our Access-Life Christmas Jingle and Mingles each year. We invite individuals and families living with disabilities to come and do crafts, games, share food, fellowship, sing carols and tell the nativity story for starters. We have a birthday party for Jesus!

For some attendees it is the first time the make the connection between Christmas and Jesus’ birth for others it is a time where they can express their joy for God’s great gift. We even give out gifts at our Jingle and Mingles. After all God started the tradition with Jesus and the wise men followed suit with gifts for the Christ child.

All in all, our East Tennessee Jingle and Mingle held up this birthday party tradition well and everyone was blessed by the knowledge that Jesus was born for them.

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