Access-Life Presents “Real Life” by Chad Van De Griek: February 28, 2023 – Jesus is the Blessing!

Then the LORD said to Moses, ‘Tell Aaron and his sons to bless the people of Israel with this special blessing: ‘May the LORD bless you and PROTECT you. May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you. May the LORD show you his favor and give you his peace.’ Whenever Aaron and his sons bless the people of Israel in my name, I myself will bless them.” Numbers 6: 22-27

These verses are absolutely beautiful. It’s a beautiful blessing from God to the people that God has cared for over a long period of time. You can hear the genuine love overflowing from God’s heart. And think that these words reflect God’s heart for us today as well. Protect, smile, gracious, favor, and peace. These attributes are so wonderful.

As I have been thinking through these verses, I thought about how God doesn’t just have attributes, God is what God has. God doesn’t just give love, God is love. The same is true for the attributes mentioned in Numbers chapter six. God is our Protector. God delights. God is our Provider. God is the embodiment of Peace that surpasses all understanding. These aren’t just things that God has, this is who God is.

When looking at my own life and my interactions with God, I need to stop asking for attributes. I don’t just need protection, grace, or favor. I need Jesus. Christ has to be my first and foremost desire. Yes, of course, it’s not bad to desire protection, grace, favor, or peace, but those things can’t be more important than the Source of those attributes. But, more often than not, I get too focused on God giving the things that I think I need rather than God’s presence. This is ultimately a reflection of my lack of trust in who God is. I am afraid of getting hurt, so it’s easier to ask for things instead of relationships.

As I continue to walk with Jesus, I want my prayers and my desires to be centered around God, not just what God can give me. I don’t just need protection, a divine smile, grace, favor, and peace. I need Christ.