Access-Life “Belize Mission Trip”: May 10, 2023 – Memories of Joy in Jesus!

Wow, what a great time of ministry it was in Belize this year! It was a long journey to get there this year, but God was so gracious in providing all we needed to reach out, serve and share the Love and Gospel of Jesus with individuals and families living there. He opened doors, made ways and even did several miracles [especially at airports] for it all to happen. It is amazing the good things that happen when God’s people answer His call to pray, serve and give.

We are so thankful for the folks in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who took the first step of our journey by coming out to inventory our five storage units in Texas full of mobility equipment and medical supplies in March as well as those who came back out for step two to load everything into a forty-foot container to be shipped to Belize in April. This is on top of our great Hearts of Christ mission partners who secured a charity exemption for our items in between these two big steps.

Eleven days after our container weighed down with 16,940 pounds of mobility equipment and medical items set sail, Doug, Hannah, Marcus, Jim and Rhena loaded planes and headed to Belize. It was the start of step three of our mission to fit individuals and families living with disabilities to the mobility items and medical supplies that had arrived in Belize City, Belize and then were transported two hours in land to the Hearts of Christ mission in Roaring Creek, Belize.

An Access-Life team had not been to Belize since January 2020 so we had a lot of items to give out and a lot of people needing things which kept our small team [the smallest we have ever taken] busy as bees. However, God gave us all we needed as always and we ended up giving out seventy-nine wheelchairs [including over thirty power wheelchairs] as well as rolators, walkers, crutches, canes, diapers, chux and more!

God is so faithful in keeping His promises and we hope this news and the attached collage and pictures encourage you to know He is always working good and bringing more of Heaven to earth each day.