Access-Life “East Tennessee Expo”: July 27, 2023 – God’s Got it Covered!

So, our 13th annual Access-Life Expo in East Tennessee was the same as previous years in many ways but different others.

As always, God’s presence permeated the atmosphere and blessed people as only He can while they enjoyed the usual boat rides, bank fishing, rockwall, variety of animals, kayaking, archery, arts and crafts, games with prizes, a hearty welcome from volunteers and a great lunch all for FREE and in the name of JESUS. :-)

However, this was the first Expo out of the 55 previous outreaches in which neither Leanne nor I were in attendance due to a family medical crisis. Yes, that’s right. God provided all that was needed with our excellent ministry intern, Hannah Spradling, key logistics volunteer Steve Kitts and past board member and administration expert Tracy Lewis along with over 150 other volunteers with a Philippians 4:13 attitude to get-r-done!

We hope you enjoy the collage above and the pictures included here showing the smiles that God put on so many faces of the 603 attendees.

If you’d like to see more pictures of this year’s event in Jefferson City, Tennessee you can always go to our ministry website East Tennessee Expo page at

We are so very thankful for God’s faithfulness and the fact that he’s always got us covered!