Access-Life “North Texas Expo”: September 9, 2023 – Miracles all the Way!

Wow! What a great Expo God gave us on Lake Grapevine in North Texas this past Saturday! There were many challenges along the way but God helped us overcome each one with more miracles than I have seen for one outreach in our 14 years of ministry and 57 Access-Life Expos.

Our trailer blew tires, bent an axle and even broke springs just an hour away from the park. It needed to be in place there in less than 24 hours and God found us someone to weld parts back together, bend the axle back and even supplied us with four commercial grade tires so it could arrive at the park 30 minutes ahead of time as well as be ready to make the long haul back to Florida on Monday. Then our flight was delayed by 2 hours but we still made it to goodie bag stuffing just 15 minutes late on Wednesday. Our tent company forgot to acquire the fire department and City tent permits beforehand but several great gals who work at the city of Grapevine and with the fire department made sure that everything got put together in just half a day on Thursday. While it was 106° on Friday our traditional setup day God provided a small but God empowered group of committed volunteers to see that everything was put in place by 1:00 p.m. which was a record time. Then He blessed us with an unforecasted day of cooler temperatures on Saturday the day of the event. Granted the high was still 96°, but that is far from our record high on Expos. 🙂

There are so many more miracles that He did to make a way for this Expo to happen and even made ways where there was no way so we praise and thank Him for bringing together all 636 attendees to bless and be blessed in his presence that day. Here’s some highlight pictures for everyone to see the smiles of joy that God put in the hearts of so many that attended and always remember that Jesus is bigger, stronger, and better than anything!

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