Access-Life “Fun Fact Friday”: July 30, 2021 – All Star Bible Verse

It’s the end of the week, which means it’s #ALFUNFACTFRIDAY ! This week’s video is out of the park (literally!). Here’s a hint, go to to find the answer! Once you have the answer, email, OR call or text (352)455-9926 for your chance at an all-star prize!

Access-Life “Fun Fact Friday”: July 23, 2021 – DEEP FREEZE

Our second #ALFUNFACTFRIDAY is HERE and with it a really COOL prize! However, this weeks question is a real “give me” not Access-Life, Inc. “insider” trivia like last week. So you better watch and email Kendahl Hancock at or call/text the ministry phone at 352.455.9926 pretty quick if you want to get in on the DEEP FREEZE.

Access-Life “3 in 3”: July 19, 2021 – Power Boost

This week’s #AL3IN3 features THREE people who love JESUS, are crazy about Access-Life, Inc. AND super excited about the 10th anniversary #NTXEXPO2021 coming up in Grapevine, TX on September, 11th! That would be our number one and only ministry intern, Kendahl Hancock, our good friend and ministry fan, Valerie Dendy and well, me [Doug]. :)

As usual we also have a funny joke, cool verse and some newsy news. So check it out, enjoy and be bless by God our Heavenly Father. :)

Access-Life “Fun Fact Friday”: July 16, 2021 – SMALL BEGINNINGS

YES, it’s finally here: #ALFUNFACTFRIDAY! That’s right every Friday starting TODAY Access-Life, Inc. ministry intern, Kendahl Hancock will be bringing you a ministry related trivia question and the first response wins a PRIZE.

So put your thinking caps on and check out the video for a shot at something COOL. :)

Access-Life “3 in 3”: July 12, 2021 – Tennessee and Texas

Today’s #AL3IN3 is pretty unique with Kendahl Hancock and me [Doug :)]. We have Tennessee and Texas connections, TWO orange jokes, a verse on prayer for all to be well with Leanne Linville Goddard AND a heads up on our FIRST Access-Life, Inc. #FUNFACTTFRIDAY!

So check it out, learn a little, pray a little and laugh a little and hopefully, all those “littles” will add up to a BIG God blessed week. 🙂

2021 East Tennessee Expo Update: “Faithful Provision”

Well, this year’s East Tennessee Expo on June 26th was anything but typical. In fact it gave the West Palm Beach Expo in February a run for it’s money on unusual circumstances that stretched like a thin rubber band. :)

For starters, our talented Events and Activities Coordinator, Julia Codispoti took another much higher paying job just a month before the 12th annual Expo in the hills of Tennessee. Then my my wonderful wife and co-director, Leanne Goddard broke her arm during set-up the day before the outreach.

God however knew these challenges where coming and in His faithful provision already had all we needed to bless individuals and families with disabilities in His name in place. In fact, we had just hired a Godly, energetic, quick learning East Tennessee Intern, Kendahl Hancock who had a great attitude and stepped-in and stepped-up to fill in needed holes. We also had a tremendous group of volunteers who love Jesus an answered God’s call to do what need to be done to make the event a God blessed success! Heck, Jodi and Bayleigh Wunsch ]aka “The Brave Girls”] drove our 10,000 pound equipment trailer from FL to TN the week before the big Expo. :)

It was amazing to see how God brought things together for this outreach. I think it was one of the smoothest events we’ve done in a long while. God blessed us with beautiful weather, awesome volunteers, lots of participants and great activities. We even had the trailer loaded and locked-up by 4pm – A RECORD. :)

All in all it was a wonderful testimony of God’s faithfulness, love and care. His presence and finger prints where on display with every smile which you can see in the collage above or on our East Tennessee Expo web page photo gallery at: Expo in East Tennessee – Access-Life.

All Men are Created Equal

Happy Independence Day to everyone! Today we celebrate the day our founding fathers announced to the world that America was a free nation.

The primary principles of this freedom are outlined in the foundational document that defines who we are as a country: the Declaration of Independence. The document is fairly long and covers a variety of topics but the core of these history shaping words are stated in the beginning of it’s second paragraph that read as follows.

WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…

These simple but profound words are full of such strong truth that many say they are even divinely inspired as they are derived from the knowledge of Biblical principles taught and commonly known by the majority of not only our founding fathers [including Thomas Jefferson who authored the document with input from others] but society as a whole. They display true value and dignity to every man, woman and child.

So on this monumental day when we wave flags and light fireworks in celebration of our country’s independence, let us not for get to honor the basis for which we stand united as one nation under God living in the light of His love and laws.

Access-Life “3 in 3”: June 28, 2021 – An Expo Tribute

Well, this week’s #AL3IN3 is bitter sweet as we are celebrating at our 12th #ETNEXPO2021 but without the queen of Access-Life, Leanne Linville Goddard who broke her arm on set-up day. We missed her dearly but know she is so happy for all the good God did on Saturday. :) So check out our tribute and this first hand outreach video.