Access-Life “3 in 3” – November 23, 2020: What is Thanksgiving Really All About?

The THANKSGIVING #AL3IN3 is finally here! And not only does it feature many facetes and facts related to this monumental holiday but also answers the BIG QUESTION: what is Thanksgiving really all about?

So grab a football jersey, a fork and maybe even a pilgrim hat and check it out. #HAPPYTHANKSGIVING and have a God blessed week. :)

Access-Life “3 in 3” – November 16, 2020: Season of Food

FALL IS HERE! And with it comes two monumental HOLIDAYS: #THANKSGIVING and #CHRISTMAS. 🙂 And with them come a season of some of the best food of the year!

However, as hard as it is to believe there is something better than fried turkey, spiral cut honey ham, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie and more. Check out this week’s #AL3IN3 to find out what’s better than holidays and foods. 🙂

Our Family is Growing!

Well, Access-Life family and friends, we have some very BIG NEWS to share with you today. That’s right, after three years of praying for God to guide us to his provision of help for growing Expo, event and activity tasks of the ministry as well as His direction on how to take things to the next level in reaching more individuals and families with the love and gospel of Jesus, He has made it clear that hiring Julia Codispoti as our full-time Events and Activities Coordinator, then Supervisor and ultimately Manage is His answer!

Now, for those of you who have met, worked with or even heard us talk about Julia know she is a true winner who loves Jesus and working with folks affected by disability and is a very skilled and talented young lady with a “get it done” attitude and heart of gold. She is actually a very rare find. In all my experience hiring in the corporate world, I would rate her a top tier or A+ candidate. Furthermore, she is the first person with whom Leanne and I have worked closely who has actually met or surpassed almost every one of our expectations. We have already been blessed by working with Julia 9 months over the past two years as both our first ministry intern and then our first ministry senior intern and know that others have been blessed by her service, too. By the way, she first volunteered as a buddy while in high school at the East Tennessee Expo way back in 2015!

We know this is God’s best for Access-Life, Leanne, me, our volunteers and those whom we serve as she will lighten our load so we can seek God in future growth opportunities and bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the future of the ministry. SO PLEASE JOIN US IN WELCOMING JULIA TO THE ACCESS-LIFE TEAM! Julia, we are so excited to have you on the team

Access-Life “3 in 3” – November 2, 2020: House Work

Ok, it’s #AL3IN3 time. :) It’s also time to get our Access-Life, Inc. fall newsletter in the mail – TODAY! Can we do both?

YES, with the help of some great volunteers with many hands making the work light and even fun and a Phillippians 4:13 attitude, we can and we did!

Thank you Lord for the many volunteers that help us do the work you have given and can even tell a joke. :) Enjoy and have a God blessed week.

Access-Life “3 in 3” – October 26, 2020: Salty Meal

This week’s #AL3IN3 is veritable plethera of foody puns, meaty jokes and scriptures season with some true saltiness. The Access-Life, Inc. update is even related to paper goods making it a full course BBQ. :)

We hope you all enjoying it, take the verses shared to heart and are encouraged by the fun we had making it.

By the way we made it to dinner and it was great!

Access-Life “3 in 3” – October 19, 2020: On the Go!

Crazy Monday here in Central Florida at Access-Life HQ but we could not let the day go by without the weekly #AL3IN3!

There is no beautiful scenery [except for Leanne Goddard🙂 ], special guests [except for #ALLMASCOTLULU🙂 ] and no camera with a tripod but we are here to share, encourage and hopefully make you smile – All in Jesus precious name. 🙂

So check-it out, try not to get car sick and enjoy!

Access-Life “3 in 3” – October 12, 2020: Blessings Follow Obedience

How about a fresh Fall #AL3IN3 this Monday from the campus of Milligan University hidden in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee by our outstanding Access-Life, Inc. Senior Intern Julia Codispoti and Elise Gregory and Lauren Petty who are all in a Bible Study together there at school!

It is good stuff so check it out and have a God blessed week. :)

Access-Life “3 in 3” – October 5, 2020: The Big Boy Boat

This weeks #AL3IN3 is all about beautiful blue water, big boats and birthdays! Another words it’s about enjoying and celebrating God’s goodness. :)

It also means guest appearances from long time friends and Access-Life volunteers Will Wunsch and Jodi Hersey Wunsch!

So check it out and have a God blessed week. :)