Access-Life “Fun Fact Friday”: August 27, 2021 – Going Monthly 2

Well, Friday is here but no #ALFUNFACTFRIDAY trivia and prize video. That’s right, just like with our #AL3IN3 videos, we are limiting our Access-Life, Inc. question game videos to just once a month.

Now while this gives you less opportunities to win, the prizes may be BIGGER making you a BIGGER WINNER. So be on the lookout for our next FUN FACT FRIDAY on 9/17 right after our #NTXEXPO2021!

Access-Life “3 in 3”: August 23, 2021 – Going Monthly

Hey there boys and girls of ALL ages and abilities. It’s Monday when we usually post our weekly #AL3IN3 but due to stretched bandwidth and starting other projects, we’ll only be posting our Access-Life, Inc. ministry videos once a MONTH going forward.

So while you’ll see us on screen less, we’ll have more to share when we do post a new video. Please keep an eye out for our next one that will be on 9/11 at the #NTXEXPO2021.

Access-Life “Fun Fact Friday”: August 20, 2021 – TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL

Happy Fun Fact Friday! This week’s #ALFUNFACTFRIDAY question and prize are TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!

Don’t forget the new way to win – you have until MONDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT to send in your correct answer. Once we get everyone’s correct answers, we will shuffle and see who wins the Access-Life, Inc. treat!

Access-Life “Fun Fact Friday”: August 13, 2021 – LEGENDary Locations

Happy Fun Fact Fri-yay! This week’s #ALFUNFACTFRIDAY is all about geography – some may say it’s even LEGENDary.

There’s even a new way to win! Instead of the first response winning the Access-Life grand prize, you have until MONDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT to send in your answer!

Once we get everyone’s correct answers, we will shuffle them around and randomly select a winner! You can send in your answer by either calling or texting (352) 455-9926 OR by emailing

Access-Life “3 in 3”: August 9, 2021 – BRICK HOUSE

This week’s #AL3IN3 is as solid as a BRICK HOUSE! We got #SPECIALK, [awesome intern] Kendahl Hancock behind the phone doing some dizzy phone spins, some 1783 history, not one but two verses, the Access-Life, Inc. buzz and God’s goodness and mercy running every where! So check it out, be blessed and have a great week. :)

Access-Life “Fun Fact Friday”: August 6, 2021 – A-MOO-ZING ROYAL AMBASSADOR

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week: FUN FACT FRIDAY! That’s right boys and girls, it’s #ALFUNFACTFRIDAY. This week’s prize is the answer’s favorite place! (Hint: check out OR our social media for the answer!) You don’t want to wait until the cows come home, so be sure to be the FIRST person to call/text/email Kendahl at either (352)455-9926 OR

Access-Life “3 in 3”: August 2, 2021 – Celebrating Life

The first #AL3IN3 of August is HERE and we are celebrating LIFE! In fact, we’ve been celebrating the BIRTHDAY of Leanne Linville Goddard for weeks now.

However, you don’t need a birthday to celebrate the LIFE that God has given you. In fact, check out this week’s Access-Life, Inc. video to see why we are celebrating LIFE and why you should, too.

Access-Life “Fun Fact Friday”: July 30, 2021 – All Star Bible Verse

It’s the end of the week, which means it’s #ALFUNFACTFRIDAY ! This week’s video is out of the park (literally!). Here’s a hint, go to to find the answer! Once you have the answer, email, OR call or text (352)455-9926 for your chance at an all-star prize!