Access-Life “3 in 3” – June 29, 2020: Big Dave on Camera

Happy Monday, Access-Life family and friends! It’s time for our weekly #AL3IN3 and this week joining our guest hostess, Julia Codispoti is long time ministry #ALROYALAMBASSADOR, David Browne! They’ve got joke props, some great verses and a holiday ministry update so check it out and may God bless you all in a special way this week. 

Access-Life “3 in 3” – June 22, 2020: Julia Flies Solo

Happy Monday Access-Life family and friends! We hope and pray you had a great FATHER’S DAY WEEKEND and are ready for a God blessed week. :) Today for our weekly “3 in 3” we are privileged to have our Senior Intern, Julia Codispoti who grew-up in my own hometown of Dandride, TN flying solo as our video host. She’ll still be sharing a punny joke, encouraging scripture and new ministry update so check it out!

Access-Life “3 in 1” Goes to “3 in 3” – June 8, 2020: Take Two

Well, last Monday we discovered that it is “impossible” to get one joke, one scripture and one ministry update included in a one minute video. So being the flexible folks we are our “Access-Life 3 in 1 Ministry Minute” has now become “The Access-Life 3 in 3” [#AL3IN3]. NEW LOGO AN ALL.  We still hope it will encourage, inspire and inform folks of all abilities as we all head into this week. Be sure to check-out “Debut #2” below as it includes a very special ministry update.

First Ever Access-Life Online BINGO Night

In case you missed the FB/IG posts, our first #ALONLINEBINGONIGHT is in the books and was a blast! Lots of good fellowship, fun and prizes. :)

 Thanks to everyone who played and a special call out to our hostess, Julia Codispoti who did a great job organizing and calling.

Our next Access-Life BINGO GAMES will be on 6/19 AT 7pm EST so email if you want join in the festivities. I think we’ll be adding some new gift card prizes this time, too. :)

Access-Life “3 in 1 Ministry Minute” – June 1, 2020

Happy Monday and HELLO June! Here is our first ever “3 in 1 Ministry Minute” [#AL3IN1MINISTRYMINUTE]. :)

It actually turned out a bit longer than one minute. [Getting everything included in a minute is hard. LOL] However, we’ll work on shorting it up next time and hope it still makes you smile and maybe even laugh, inspired you to move forward in your week ahead and learn a little bit of what’s going on at Access-Life. :)

Access-Life “3 in 1 Ministry Minute” Coming Soon

Hey their Access-Life, Inc. family and friends. In an effort to encourage, uplift and keep you all informed on what’s going on with the ministry, we will debuting our new “3 in 1 Ministry Minute” [#AL3IN1MINISTRYMINUTE] this coming Monday, June 1st!

That’s right, in just a one minute video clip, we’ll be giving you ONE joke [clean, corny and hopefully funny], ONE Bible verse and ONE newsy nugget about the ministry. Our hope and prayer is that it will help you start your week on a positive note and bring a smile to your face all in Jesus’ precious name. :)

We’ll be posting it on social medial as well as here on our LIFE LINK BLOG so be sure to check it out each week!

Catching Your Breath

Have you ever been outside and consciously closed your eyes, tilted your face towards the sun and taken in a deep breath? Then with the soft warmth of the sun’s rays shining on your face exhaled with a feeling of refreshed optimism in the gracious goodness of God? It is like God is shining His face down on you filling you and your life with His light, love, holiness, purity and presence renewing your faith in Him.

That’s my goal for each day. To walk in the light of His love, having been forgiven, reborn and redeemed by Jesus to live an abundant life of freedom and blessings in Him. I just have to remember to look up to the Son, put my focus on Him and receive the refreshing breaths of His life moment by moment.

So today, I decided to take a walk in hopes of regaining that fresh faith, renewed focus and catching my breath by filling my mind with the goodness and blessings of God all around.

Here are some pictures I took along the way. I hope they encourage you as the sights did me. :)

Easter is Here!

Happy Easter everyone! The big day is here when we remember and celebrate that Jesus is risen, He is a live and He has won the ultimate victory. He has conquered everything and all that remains is for us to willingly given Him our hearts and receive His free gift of complete forgiveness, forever redemption and eternal salvation.

If you know what I’m talking about then you know there is nothing sweeter, more joyous and soothingly satisfying than His gift of eternal life. If you don’t know what it’s about [and even if you do ], check out the verse with the artwork above [John 3:16]. It sums it all up pretty well.

And if you are wondering why Jesus did such a thing for you, me and every person earth, just put all the words of this verse together and see that it clearly spells out one word: LOVE. His love for each and every person is so great He gave up His very life on the cross for you and for me.




2020 West Palm Beach Expo Update

Well, our 10th anniversary Expo in West Palm Beach and 50th Expo overall was a memorable occasion from set-up thru tear-down with God proving all we needed and blessing folks who serve and came to be served. It definitely was not what we expected a few weeks before but God was so faithful guiding directing and providing every step of the way.

From the “BIG” pontoon boat brought all the way from Umatilla, FL by Will Wunsch and the FREE ice cream provided by the Ice Cram Club to the 14 person canoe brought by Stirring Waters Ministry and the patient horse that so many painted brought out by Horses that Help, there was so much to be thankful for at this year’s Expo.

While this year’s attendance of 864 was much lower than usual, the 37 local organizations and businesses including 5 churches showed that this community cares about the people living with disabilities in their area.

From the King’s Academy collecting snacks and goodies they then stuffed in the special 10th anniversary Expo back packs and Palm Beach Atlantic Workship bringing out key volunteers for set-up, the event and tear-down to the American Heritage Girls covering all the popcorn, snow cones and cotton candy needs and so many veteran and new volunteers stepping in and up to get the job done, the Body Christ came together to shine the light and love of Jesus on so many that day.