Access-Life “3 in 3”: June 21, 2021 – Expo Time in Tennessee

IT’S EXPO WEEK IN ETN and to bring you this week’s #AL3IN3 at the LAKE PARK SITE is our East Tennessee Intern, Kendahl Hancock!

She has got a volunteer thank you and joke, great verses on teamwork and all the INFO you need to know to get registered for the BIG EVENT on Saturday, June 26th. :)

YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO ATTEND so check it out, have a God blessed week and we’ll see you on SATURDAY!

Access-Life 3in3: May 31, 2021 – Laying Down a Life

This week’s #AL3IN3 is brought to you by our fabulous Events and Activities Coordinator, Julia Codispoti in celebration of Memorial Day! Listen and watch for a tasty joke, cool updates, and the great gift of someone laying down their life for another.
Also, if you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for the #ETNEXPO2021 on June 26th and our special “Pre-Expo” #ALONLINBINGO on June 12th! Call Julia at (352) 455-9926 or email her at to sign-up for either or BOTH!

Access-Life “3 in 3”: May 24, 2021 – Anyone Need a Handyman?

Hey there Access-Life family and friends. The #AL3IN3 is coming to you from #ALHQ [Umatilla, FL 32784] this week and we are loaded with jokes, statistical anomolies, verses, fixing problems and the ultimate handy man.

#ALMASCOT, Lulu even makes a cameo appearance. So check it out, laugh a little, learn a little and enjoy. :) HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GOD BLESSED WEEK, TOO!

Access-Life “3 in 3”: May 17, 2021 – A Team is More Powerful than an Individual

This week’s #AL3IN3 is brought to you by our Events and Activities Coordinator, Julia Codispoti and our new East Tennessee Intern Kendahl Hancock! Listen in to some good jokes, a message on coming together as a team, and finding out more about #ALONLINEBINGO on THIS Saturday at 7pm EST!

Welcome our 2021 ETN Intern!

We are thrilled to announce our new #ETNEXPO2021 Intern! Kendahl Hancock will be working with us for 2 months to help with outreach, research, and our Expo on June 26th!

Kendahl will be entering into her senior year at UTK to pursue her dream in Occupational Therapy. She is on fire for the Lord and for helping people with disabilities!

Let us all give her a warm welcome as she is a blessing to have with us! Welcome to the Access-Life, Inc. team Kendahl Hancock!

Access-Life “3 in 3”: May 10, 2021 – Promises that will make you Bloom

Well, the April showers have brought May Flowers here in Florida just like God’s showers of blessing give us the living water we all need to bloom as He desires!

We, also have a great Access-Life, Inc.#AL3IN3 full of well wishes for those moms praying, working hard and raising up kidos including a fruity joke, a promise from God, Bible story and yes, even the #ALBUZZ. 🙂

So check it out and be blessed this week walking in the light of Jesus’ love!

Congratulations, Ms Julia!

In case, you have not heard the news, our very own Access-Life Events and Activities Coordinator, Julia Codispoti GRADUATED from Milligan University this past SATURDAY!

She worked full-time with the ministry her last semester and will continue going forward. :) She also, lead the volleyball team as captain to their third NAIA National championship bid and studied hard as an outstanding student. That’s a lot of work and a way to finish school with a BANG.

Leanne and I are so proud of her work ethic, attitude and faith that saw here through. Congratulations, Ms Julia and looking forward to God growing the ministry through all of us and others going forward. :) #PHILLIPIANS413