What is it all About?

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You know being in ministry, we see lots and lots of needs and hear lots and lots of ideas about what we should be doing to meet those needs. Unfortunately, we cannot meet all the needs that we encounter but we know who can: God. That’s why we try to keep Him front and center of all we do.

Why? Because life is all about God.

It’s about how he has created us, how He loves us and how he longs to bless us with good and have a relationship with us even though we all have chosen to go our own way and sin.

He desires this so much that he sent his only son, Jesus to die as payment for our sin so by each of us asking for Jesus to forgive and save us we are forgiven, justified and become His children sealed forever by His Holy Spirit. In turn, we now have the burden of all of our sin lifted, are righteous in God’s sight, cared for and protected by Him and able to fellowship and rest in Him.

This does not mean life will be trouble free and always easy but with God continually with you now life will be purposeful, fulfilling, safe and full of joy as you follow Him and are guided, comforted and strengthened by His presence.

Our hope at Access-Life is that everyone we encounter, serve or touch in some way will see the love of God in our lives and be encouraged and drawn closer to the Lord Jesus our savior, redeemer, shepherd and steady friend.

If you have a question about having a personal relationship with God our creator through His son Jesus feel free to call or e-mail us through the information on our website at http://www.access-life.org or visit http://www.gospel.com.

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