Belize Expo Update

We are back in the US from Belize and while we are completely pooped out, we are thankful for such a God blessed trip! It is hard to even know where to begin sharing but overall we were both so impressed by the humility, graciousness and gratefulness of the people of Belize. Despite the poverty we saw in the “developed” area where we held the Expo outreach, most people were so thankful for what they had and even more appreciative of any blessing we could offer through God’s grace and mercy in our lives.

At the Expo outreach, we saw lots of smiles as usual but also many tears of both sadness and joy. I was particularly overwhelmed by the number of mothers who came carrying their children with disabilities because they had no other way to transport them. To be able to provide them with a pediatric wheelchair or stroller was very humbling as you could see from their faces the impact it would have on their lives.

All in all, God brought over 125 folks with disabilities including their family members, our team distributed over 30 mobility items and fitted those who came as best as possible and we had two people who prayed to receive Christ at the Gospel bracelet craft area that day. People came both early and late and as the news spread via a local radio station who came out, we were contacted about needs elsewhere in the country and requests for further help in Belize. Before we flew out, we even had the opportunity to share on a national TV station about my testimony, the Expo outreach and our hopes for more ministry there in the future.

Below is a photo collage of the Expo in Belize. I particularly love the top three photos showing a very young mom carrying her daughter into the outreach on the left and after receiving a pediatric wheelchair to the right. God is so good! It only gives a glimpse of the smiles, tears, fun and need we saw but hopefully, you can glean a bit of the joy we experienced as we were privileged to be the hands and feet of Jesus to such a gracious people. :)


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