West Palm Beach Update

We just had our 2nd Expo of the year this past Saturday (Belize was the previous Sunday J) and God poured out some awesome blessings on us as we had our highest attendence of any outreach to date!

We are still sorting through the stacks of waivers and walk-up registrations (actually Matt and Talley Macintosh are doing that for us as our new quarter time ADMIN support staff – PTL!) but I can tell you we gave out 1,100 free lunch tickets by 1pm with people still checking-in. J

The new turtle races, caregiver’s spa area and helicopter pictures were great additions this year and as always there were lines at the ever popular boat rides, kayaking and lunch areas. More importantly though, is the fact there were 5 folks who prayed to receive Chrst at the Gospel Braclet station that day and are being followed-up with locally by staff from Family Church West!

Below is a photo collage of our God blessed day in WPB and we hope you enjoy the pictures and smiles!


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